Draft Public Sector Financing Regulation for Public Consultation

National Debt Management Center Releases Draft Public Sector Financing Regulation for Public Consultation

Photo by Charles Parker

The National Debt Management Center (NDMC) of Saudi Arabia has taken a significant step towards effective debt management by announcing the release of a draft Public Sector Financing Regulation for public consultation.

The draft regulation aims to establish a comprehensive framework for the management of public sector financing, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and prudent financial practices, and demonstrating the Kingdom's dedication to responsible fiscal governance and its continuous efforts to strengthen the national economy.

The NDMC invites stakeholders from diverse sectors, including government entities, financial institutions, experts, and the general public, to participate in the consultation process. This public consultation period, spanning thirty days, provides an opportunity for stakeholders to review the draft regulation and contribute their valuable insights and feedback.

To access the draft Public Sector Financing Regulation, please visit this link. Alkhieli & Associates invites all stakeholders to participate in this collaborative effort, as their input will be essential in shaping the final version of the Public Sector Financing Regulation.