Litigation & Disputes

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Our litigation and disputes resolution lawyers examine the complete range of legal options available and then advise clients on which strategy is most suited to achieve their business objectives. Regardless of the scope and nature of the matter, clients benefit from the breadth of our experience, which emanates from the substantive diversity of our work and the diverse sectors we cover. Our lawyers are prepared to assist our clients with their most significant and critical matters, as well as their routinely commercial and regulatory disputes. Alkhieli & Associates extensively engage in resolving real estate, commercial, finance, capital markets, employment, and administrative disputes. We represent our clients before various judicial authorities with the appropriate strategy.

Litigation & Disputes Resolution

Real Estate Disputes

We at Alkhieli & Associates help the developers, investors, financiers, tenants, and anyone else involved in commercial real estate with their real estate disputes. Our Real Estate Disputes lawyers have rich experience handling real estate disputes encompassing sale contracts, commercial leases, property insurance, partnership concerns, and a plethora of other issues. Our expertise includes property ownership disputes that often challenge property owners both in business dealings and investments in varying degrees of legal circumstances. Attestation of Property Waqf (Endowment) and wills falls within our legal expertise in which we can assist throughout the process.

Given the complexities in property disputes, our lawyers can help clients in property apportionment between heirs, business partners, and investors through a voluntary process or a judicial mandate ordering the dissolution. Our trusted lawyers engage with our clients to identify the facts and the best course of action to proceed for the preferred outcome.

Litigation & Disputes Resolution

Commercial Disputes

The nature of commercial disputes tends to be filled with perplexing problems and could be deemed costly and a lengthy process for businesses. We at Alkhieli & Associates provide pre-emptive advice to our clients on critical and contentious aspects of business and financial transactions. In the event of a dispute, we assist our clients in navigating all forms of large-scale commercial litigation and provide our clients with tailor-made advice regarding the nature of the disputes.

We litigate disputes before Saudi Commercial Court in preliminary proceedings and, if necessary, before Appellate Commercial Courts along with offering end to end solutions for your commercial disputes including, company and shareholders disputes, fiduciary duty claims, bankruptcy proceedings cases, commercial contracts disputes (sale agreements, commercial lease agreements, supply agreements, franchise agreements, and agency agreements, etc.), and negotiable instruments disputes. We assemble an ideal team comprised of lawyers with legal acumen, courtroom skills, and technical and industry-specific expertise.

Litigation & Disputes Resolution

Finance Disputes

Finance disputes have become customary, given the nature of doing business today. At Alkhieli & Associates, we represent financiers, borrowers, guarantors, and agents in disputes related to financial products and services in accordance with the laws governed by the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA).

Our professionals have the know-how and expertise required to effectively advise clients on addressing their finance disputes, given our prior experience. We advise clients in finance disputes related to project finance, real estate finance, asset finance, including guarantee matters.

Litigation & Disputes Resolution

Capital Markets Disputes

Our lawyers represent clients before the Committee for Resolution of Securities Disputes (“CRSD”) and the Appeal Committee for the Resolutions of Securities Disputes (“ACRSD”). Our team possesses significant experience in handling securities disputes of any nature (civil, criminal or administrative) before the appropriate forums under the latest Capital Market Authority’s (“CMA”) regulations.

Our Capital Markets lawyers advise market participants, including (brokers, investment managers, advisors etc.) in all aspects of capital market disputes related to securities trading, commissioning, investment portfolio mismanagement, market manipulation etc. Our clients rely on our expertise to efficiently resolve their capital market disputes.

Litigation & Disputes Resolution

Employment Disputes

Our dispute resolution practices litigate contentious Labour and Employment matters across the Kingdom. Our lawyers have settled and litigated high-value matters for both companies and individuals.

We have a team of experts with extensive experience in representing clients in disputes arising from the nature of the employment terms and the rights or penalties arising from contractual obligations such as claims for wages and allowances, compensation for end-of-service benefits, and compensation for unfair dismissal.

Litigation & Disputes Resolution

Administrative Disputes

We represent clients in administrative disputes brought before the Board of Grievances against them. Our lawyers have a keen understanding of the law to defend clients against administrative actions in disputes related to contractual obligations such as supply and services contracts, construction contracts, lease contracts, operation & maintenance contracts (O&M). We have the proficiency and the capacity to file objections against administrative decisions, fines, and disciplinary penalties, including filing compensation claims against administrative decisions in the event of expropriation of property (Eminent Domain).