Infrastructure & PPP

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Infrastructure development has been at the forefront of the economic developments in Saudi Arabia, therefore introducing expansive business opportunities for the private sector. Our Infrastructure & PPP advisors have the capacity and the resources to handle infrastructure development projects in various sectors. Our firm acts as your trusted legal advisor in your deals and anticipates risks by conducting meticulous due diligence. Our team advises on all phases of the project cycle from initial conceptualization till closure. We assist clients through the stages in government and regulatory issues that may arise, structuring, risk identification and allocation, and clearly outlining the liabilities and obligations under the agreements, procurement documents, and applicable laws.

Infrastructure & PPP

PPP Projects

Our understanding of the PPP projects framework allows us to represent parties involved in a PPP project's upstream and downstream agreements, including the procuring authority, bidders, main contractors, lenders, etc.

Our lawyers have a well-rounded comprehension of the PPP projects regulatory framework in the Kingdom and have the capacity to advise on various elements of a PPP project, including project structuring, procurement plan & processes, contracting strategy, drafting contracts, and negotiating terms. We at Alkhilei & Associates have successfully rendered quality legal services, including project structuring, preparing procurement documents, bid process management, and providing support for contract management for many projects in Saudi Arabia.