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Financial institutions are considered a massive economic growth driver for providing necessary capital for businesses and investors to succeed. We place our firm's remarkable talent and experience to help clients move beyond any crisis and assist them to focus on new growth and opportunities. Our Islamic Finance is the cornerstone of our practice, with over a decade of advising major financial institutions, entrepreneurs and other business entities. Our Finance practice offers clients unparalleled advice on financial laws and regulations. In addition, our lawyers have commanding experience, particularly in Shariah-compliant products such as Murabaha, Ijarah, Musharakah, etc. Our expertise includes project finance, real estate and asset finance, structured and corporate finance, and syndicated finance.


Financial Regulations

Financial institutions represent a vital part of our economic infrastructure. Regulatory bodies have an appetite to recommend and pass reforms that help strengthen the financial system, encourage investors, and protect consumer rights. Alkhieli & Associates has in-depth expertise and knowledge about laws, regulations and policies that govern financial institutions.

Our Finance regulatory experts have the capability to advise banks and financial institutions on regulations set by the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) and other regulatory bodies. Our team advises clients on obtaining licenses, developing compliance and risk management strategies, and ensuring that all your products are compliant with the relevant regulations.


Project Finance

Project finance is the primary method for acquiring and developing assets in telecommunications, pipelines, transport, and other complex infrastructure projects.  Alkhieli & Associates have an in-depth insight into the project financing process from planning, negotiation, and contracting. We represent lenders, project sponsors, and developers on a wide range of financing requirements.

Our legal experts are there to advise on project development financings, public-private partnerships (PPP) finance schemes and much more. Our lawyers have the expertise to provide our financing clients with cutting-edge legal solutions to address their financing needs by identifying suitable financing structures. We understand lenders, borrowers, and sponsors' decision-making process and what they require to secure a project financing deal. We are there to help ensure successful project financing and mutual growth for sponsors and borrowers.


Syndicated Financing

Our Finance lawyers comprehend the challenges associated with structuring syndicated finance deals. Our lawyers assist clients in syndicated finance agreements with multiple financial lenders, thereby reducing risks posed by large debt in the event of a default.

At Alkhieli & Associates, our lawyers can advise on all aspects of a syndicated finance transaction, from implementing a structure, performing due diligence, and documenting and completing transactions. Our lawyers assist the participants in fulfilling their legal duties such as administering advances, dispersing cash flows to other syndicate members.

Although we are aware of changing market conditions that affect the way lenders and borrowers operate, we have always enjoyed high levels of confidence and trust from our clients as we have always been able to deliver under all constraints they may face.


Acquisition Finance

Acquisition finance transactions offer considerable opportunities that we help clients navigate successfully. We have the expertise in assisting our clients to realize their acquisitional aspirations by ensuring the structure utilized fits their needs to secure the transaction. We assist clients in drafting, negotiating, and developing complex financing strategies to meet their needs.

We at Alkhieli & Associates offer legal solutions to pursue a wide range of acquisition financing transactions in the Kingdom, including private transactions, assets purchase financings etc. Our Finance practice is designed to help our clients focus on opportunities, while we advise on legal risk mitigation policies to ensure the success of all our clients' acquisitional needs.