Construction Claims

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Construction projects can pivot and change depending on numerous variables such as change in the environment, delays, infrastructure defects, and scope changes. All of the mentioned variables require careful documentation, efficient strategies that identify, and manage risks that can lead to a costly dispute. Our construction claim management experts understand the challenges faced by clients delivering construction projects from bid to successful completion. Our lawyers have facilitated and advised on preparing claims on pre-identified causes and issues that arise during development, such as changes related to scope of work, scaling and measuring variances, and changes related to uncontrolled externalities.

Our team will be your partner in advising you during all phases of tendering on key project risks, and mitigation strategies. The deep understanding of our lawyers regarding the obligations of parties under the provisions of construction contracts coupled with their insight and knowledge regarding the execution of construction projects across variety of sectors such as highways, bridges, buildings, power transmission etc., equip them with the requisite ability and skill set for crystalizing and documenting legally tenable construction claims for being pursued on behalf of our clients.