Dr. Abdulrahman Alkhieli

Dr. Abdulrahman Alkhieli

Dr. Abdulrahman Alkhieli, the Founder Partner of Alkhieli & Associates, is undoubtedly an asset to the firm with over 20 years of experience in advising various ministries and government institutions. Dr. Alkhieli has obtained his master's in Advanced Legislative Studies. Henceforth, and owing to his rich practical and theoretical knowledge, he is renowned for his expertise in legislative consulting. Through his leadership qualities, continuous guidance, expertise, and rich legal knowledge, the firm has gained a remarkable reputation as a specialized firm with commanding competence in legislative reform, as a result of which it has undertaken a number of pioneering legislative projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Dr. Alkhieli's areas of expertise broadly include legislative and judicial reforms, as well as advising on the fundamental features of doing business in Saudi Arabia, mergers & acquisitions, and Islamic finance. Currently, Dr. Alkhieli focuses on legislative reform projects; he has been involved in many of the Kingdom's most noteworthy and remarkable legislative reform projects. He participated in landmark legislative projects in the Kingdom such as legislative framework reform for social affairs project, the Commercial Collateral Law, the Shari'a Principles Code related to International Conventions and Treaties, a draft of Finance Companies Control Law, and a draft of the Implementing Regulation of Cooperative Insurance Law.
  • PHD in Advanced Legal Studies from the University of London.
  • Master's in law (LL.M.) in Advanced Legislative Studies from University of London.
  • Bachelors in Islamic Law from College of Sharia.
  • Bachelors in Arabic language from College of Arabic Language.